My name is Cindy Medford and I have known Jay Kyle Petersen since 1996. He is a talented artist as well as a great friend. I first met Jay when  he was teaching a Guardian Angel class through Pima Community College. I have since attended many art shows where Jay's paintings were on display, and I have bought more than a dozen of Jay's paintings. I also hired him to paint my own guardian angel painting as well as several community projects. I love my painting! 
‚ÄčCindy (Arizona)

I commissioned Jay to paint the soul/ guardian angel painting of my dog Evie and was very touched when I saw it for the first time. I said, "That's my Evie!" The essence of my wonderful dog comes through in Jay's painting. I can feel Evie's warmth and love by looking at the beautiful art that he created. Irene (Arizona)

Abstract Impressions

by Jay Kyle Petersen, M.A. 

Daily as I sit at my desk, my Guardian Angel, hovering above my left shoulder, keeps a watchful eye on me. Since receiving this wonderful and unique piece of artwork, I've sensed a radiation of positive energy flowing toward me. I feel protected. Thank you, Jay. 
Dean (California)